The Finance department provides a wide range of services across many functions from Accounts Payable to Procurement for the Primary Government of Upson County and Major Component Units of the County such as the Thomaston-Upson Airport Authority and the Thomaston-Upson Industrial Development Authority. Department staff is comprised of the Accounting Manager, Senior Accountant, Payroll/Benefits Coordinator and the Director of Finance and Special Projects.

The department’s primary responsibilities are to:FY 2024 Upson County Proposed Operating Budgets

  • Create policies and procedures necessary to achieve a high level of efficiency and to promote a sound system of internal controls over all processes
  • Develop and implement a system of internal controls necessary to mitigate to a low level both operational risks that could result in the misappropriation or loss of assets through error or fraud and financial statement reporting risks of materially misstating internal financial reports and external financial reports to include the annual audited financial statements filed with the State of Georgia, whether caused by error or fraudulent financial reporting
  • Deliver the highest quality service possible to all departments within the County, the County Manager, the Board of Commissioners, and to external vendors, other  governments and governmental agencies
  • Perform our duties with great care and due diligence, maintaining the highest ethical standards

The following list shows the primary functions of the Finance Department. Some functions involving special projects and funding initiatives are done in coordination with the County Manager and other County Staff.

  • UPSON COUNTY 2023 BUDGET BOOK  Opens in new windowAccounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Payroll and benefits  administration
  • Cash management of all County funds
  • Procurement to include special projects such as significant construction projects
  • Disposal of surplus vehicles and equipment
  • P-Card administration
  • Funding initiatives for capital improvements, which includes SPLOST and debt funding
  • Preparation of the annual operating budgets
  • Preparation of long-term capital plans
  • Assisting external auditors in support of the annual audit and preparation of the Annual Financial Report
  • Preparation of periodic financial reports and ad hoc financial analysis for the County Manager and the Board
  • Calculation of the annual millage rates for all the County’s taxing districts to present to the Board for approval
  1. Physical Address
    106 E Lee St
    Suite 120
    Thomaston, GA 30286

  2. H. Allen Salter, CPA

    Chief Financial Officer and Director of Internal Services