Probate Court

The Upson County Probate Court has original, exclusive jurisdiction over several aspects of the law that occur within the limits of Upson County. A few of those aspects are; the Probate of Wills and the Administration of Decedent’s Estates, Guardianships and Conservatorships of incapacitated Adults, Temporary Guardianship of Minors, Marriage Licensing, as well as the Amendment Process for errors on Marriage Licenses and Birth Certificates, and Weapons Carry Licensing. There are many other jurisdictional duties of the Upson County Probate Court. To see the full list of this court’s jurisdiction, please see the probate court staff.

Traffic Court

The Upson County Probate Court has jurisdiction over Misdemeanor Traffic Violations that occur within county limits but outside of the city limits. Arraignment Calendar is held once each month and Contested Calendar once every other month. The court calendar is viewable at the link below under “2024 Traffic Court Calendar”. If you have questions about your case or citation, you may contact the probate court staff at the phone number provided under “Contact Us” to the right on this page, or you can email your questions to their email address provided. The Upson County Probate Court Judge will not enter into ex parte communication. She will not speak to you about your case outside of court. If you would like to speak to the court solicitor about the aspects of your case before court, his information is provided to the right, as well.