Absentee by Mail

Absentee By Mail Application can be printed and completed by the voter or assistant to the Voter (see Section 10 for instructions). Application may be brought back to our office in person or may be mailed to P.O Box 547 Thomaston, GA 30286. Voter may also complete an application in person at our office during normal business hours.

Senate Bill 202- Effective July 1, 2021

  • Voters can submit an absentee ballot application no earlier than 78 days or less than 11 days prior to the date of the primary or election, or runoff 
  • To be timely received, an application for an absentee-by-mail ballot must be received by the board of registrars or absentee ballot clerk no later than 11 days prior to the primary, election, or runoff 
  • Any person applying for an absentee-by-mail ballot shall make application in writing on the form made available by the Secretary of State. 
  •  In order to confirm the identity of the voter, such form shall require the elector to provide: 

            • his or her name

            • date of birth                

            • address as registered 

            • address where the elector wishes the ballot to be mailed, and 

            • the number of his or her Georgia driver's license or identification card issued pursuant to Article 5 of Chapter 5 of Title 40

If such elector does not have a Georgia driver's license or identification card, the elector must provide a copy of a form of identification listed in subsection (c) of Code Section 21-2-417.