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MyGovHub Service

The Upson County Commissioners would like to introduce MyGovHub, a quick and easy way to pay your county utility bills. This service is now available and is available to those residents who reside outside the city limits of Thomaston. If you are serviced by City of Thomaston utilities then this online service does not apply to you. If you do have Upson county water service and / or county sanitation services then this service is for you.

Online Sign-Up

Online sign-up is very easy and makes paying your bill fast and convenient. This is an additional service that is being offered and all other current methods of paying are still available to you. Should you decide to pay your bill online, there are two payment methods available. One method is called "e-check" and the other is "debit / credit card." There is a convenience fee associated with paying your bill online. The fee for paying by e-check is $.75 and the fee for debit / credit card is $1.95. Please note that Upson County does not receive the money for this convenience fee. This convenience fee is collected by the credit card processing company.  

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